29/11/2016 –Bloom Twins-Set Us Free (2016)

Bloom Twins showcase their dark-pop charm on new single Set Us Free



Don’t worry, the Bloom Twins’ new single Set Us Free isn’t a re-work of N-Trance’s faux-rave classic. It is in fact something far more exciting and enjoyable. After moving to London the sisters Kuprienko returned to their native home of the Ukraine, but got stuck thanks to all that political unpleasantness that is going around at the moment. The Bloom Twins explain it thus “It was the first track we wrote after returning from the Ukraine where we got stuck for half a year during the uprising. The track is not political at all, rather a call for freedom, but it was certainly influenced by everything that was happening in the Ukraine and the fact that we couldn’t come back to our new home – London”. Despite the Kuprienko’s claiming the song isn’t political, there are dark rumblings, pulsating electro beats and haunting vocals that scream, as the title suggests, to set us free/let us go. Their debut album, which has been recorded and produced by Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes, will be out in 2017.



Basically the Bloom Twins are a less controversial, more music focused Let’s Eat Grandma and ultimately much better. Their music leaves you with a warm woolly feeling that makes you yearn for another shot of their slick electro pop.















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