28/11/2016 – Bagstiv-Blood (TheNeighboursDownstairs RMX) (2016)

Bagstiv are everything we ever wanted and ever asked for



It’s getting near the end of the year, so that means the predictions for the next year, 2017, are starting to get banded about. Most of these lists are filled with hype bands and are compiled by writers who have connections at labels and are doing their friends a favour. OK, this isn’t 100% true, but look at some lists from previous years and see how many of these acts ever really go as big as they’re predicted to. One band that won’t feature on many of these lists, luckily, is bagstiv.



In their native Danish bagstiv means when you wake up after a night out and you are still drunk, and in a weird way this is kind of what their music sounds like. On one hand there is a lurid, dream like quality to it. The guitars a woozy and wonky, but the drums have a harsh clarity to them, like the fresh morning sun waking you up after a big night out. But also just like waking up and realising you are still half cut, there is a waking nightmarish terror to the music that is hard to ignore.



So far they have only released one song, Blood, but this is all we need to hear to fall in lust with this band. Well that’s not totally true. This afternoon a remix of Blood was uploaded by The Neighbours Downstairs. This remix shares little with the original, save a few elements, but it is filled with the same vibe. Opening with tight beats and woozy basslines, The Neighbours Downstairs make Blood sound like an Erol Alkan remix of 1980’s New Order with Tom Meighan, from Kasabian, crooning over the top. This is the formula follows on throughout, but Blood gets more intense and trippy as it goes along until it’s a beautiful cacophony of blissed, sun drenched out electronic magnificence.



2017 looks set to be the year when Bagstiv remove themselves from their fuggy shadowed burrow and revel themselves to an un-expecting world and I for one cannot wait!















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