25/11/2016 – Mind Rays-Still and All (2016)

Mind Rays announce signing to PNKSLM by releasing a new single. Cheers guys!



Punk will never go out of fashion. This is partly because people will always annoyed at their lot in life, so they will always need to vent this frustration. Another, more accurate reason, is that punk hasn’t really change much since the late 1960’s bands started player a faster, and harder form of rock and roll. Yes I know all about the sub genres Hardcore, Pop, Crust, Political, Ska, etc, but ultimately it all stems from that original ethos, fast songs, hard melodies and catchy shouty choruses.



Belgian quartet , Mind Rays, bring all this to mind with their new single Still and All as it’s fast, shouty and have melodies to mosh for. Its ninty seconds of blank generation genius. After a first listen it was reminiscent The Parkinsons, I thought that Sis Sevens was Afonso Pinto at first, but this is a good thing as The Parkinsons had strong songs and knew how to work a crowd.



Still and All is the first release on PNKSLM, Punk Slime Recordings, and if this is anything to go by they’ve thrown down the gauntlet. The track is taken from their debut album Nerve Endings, which will be released on March 24th. Rumour has it there will be a tour around this time too, which is great news, the only downside will be if they play near you or not!















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