24/11/2016 – OSCOB-Disintegration (2016)

OSCOB’s brand of retro-futurism is more than just a clever gimmick



There is a time when I think “What would happen if xxx hadn’t existed?” This is a fruitless activity and generally ends up with more questions than answers, and I end up in a Fatherland/Man in the High Castle/DC Elsewhere thing in my mind. Today this question goes something like “What would happen if Angelo Badalamenti and video games hadn’t existed?” While this might sound like a weird combo, when considered next to OSCOB’s debut album Eating Yourself Alive, it makes perfect sense.



OSCOB’s debut is full of the quirky nuances of Badalamenti, but it also has the retro-futurism of 90’s video game music. This music is made to be listened to on a TV than on a stereo. The Lo-Fi Hi-Fi-ness of it makes for more than a nostalgic trip to a time before the internet and MP3’s. If you want a short hand imagine Brian Eno’s Deep Blue Day being covered by S U R V I V E and you’re on the right tracks.



This might be banded in with the Vaporwave/Synthwave/Coldwave/Wavewave movements, but there is far more going on than that. The only difference is you need know where to look and how to listen…














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