23/11/2016 – W H Lung-Inspiration (2016)

W.H. Lung look set to challenge us, whether we’ve asked for it or not…



W.H. Lung make a kind of demented Motorik that borrows, and steals, from Krautrock as much as it does from psychedelia and electronic music.  It’s the music of rebellion and frustration, wait they’re the same thing right? The frustration of having your future sold before you were born, the frustration of a music industry that was fragmented decades ago so a few, already wealthy people, could become wealthier and buy that very big house in the country. A rebellion against pedestrian rock that was locked in an unending echo chamber regurgitating the same five chords and slogans. A rebellion against over produced music that says nothing and more importantly a rebellion against boredom and torpidity.



Inspiration is a hypnotic seven minute monster that creates maelstrom after maelstrom which swirl around you, slowly getting lodged in your head. The guitar work is anthemic, but not cheesy. Imagine Billy Duffy from the Cult covering Fairhorns and you’re on the right tracks. It is like brown leaves swirling around you as you walk through the park in winter. The quicker you walk the more that spin in and out of your legs. You try to pull your coat tighter round your neck, but this doesn’t seem the stop the leaves getting down your collar. This is the same with Inspiration. The more you try and fight and ignore its captivating pull the more it gets lodged in your head and the more you can’t resist its charm.



It’s hard to see where this Manchester trio they can go from here. Effectively they have released one of the songs of the year, and possibly one of the strongest debut singles in recent times. It is full or power, aggression, but also restraint. Given the nature of the music, and its message, it could have turned out as this cluster bomb of mixed genres and grandiose ideas that fell on its face, but instead it works and has an elegance to it that is missing from 90% of their peers.















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