22/11/2016 – Raisa K-Give Thanks (2016)

Raisa K has returned and her three year hiatus has done nothing for her quality control



Right, stick with me, but this is going to get personal. In 2013 Ninja Tune announced that they were starting a new imprint called Technicolour. I was incredibly excited. Then they released their inaugural 12”, Feeder by Raisa K. It was exactly what I needed that that time. Over it’s twenty minute duration Feeder was filled with inventive pop music with an alternative/lo-fi twist. Imagine M.I.A. covering The Fall and you’re on the right tracks. Then the unthinkable happened. Raisa K went quiet.



In the intervening years Raisa K has been a member of Mica Levi’s backing band The Shapes and DELS’ touring band, as well as remixing The Insomniacs Club, but there was no follow to Feeder. The longer Raisa K left it, the more unlikely it looked that a new release was on the horizon, but this week all this has changed. Raisa K has released a new single, Give Thanks!



Give Thanks picks up where Feeder left off. The music is upbeat and jaunty punk-pop. A hypnotic loop kicks things off while Raisa K sings “I don’t care cos this is who I am, This is you and this is me, I could never be like you and you could never be like me”. As the song progresses ad-hoc basslines and drum beats under pin everything while rave-esque synths keep everything moving forward. As you can tell from the lyrics Raisa K hasn’t lost any of her existentialist and absurdist flourishes. The B-Side is the slow jam Sleeping Under the Coffee Machine. Everything is much slower and levelled than the whistle stop of Give Thanks. Lyrically the song is summed up in the lines “Don’t take it to heart honey, Don’t take it to heart, You’ve still got my heart, Don’t make it so hard” The music is melancholic and morose and compliments the words perfectly.



We can all give thanks that this single that was well worth the wait and, fingers crossed, it won’t be another three years before the next one…















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