21/11/2016 – Kauf-Pacify (2016)

Kauf releases another single from debut album Regrown



Ronal Kaufman, AKA Kauf, has been releasing music since 2011. IN the intervening five years he’s gone from strength to strength, with each release being a progression from the last. Now Kauf has released his new single, Pacify, which again takes his strain of electronic pop to hither to unknown and levels of enjoyment and production.



The themes of Pacify are simple, it’s a lament to the lost opportunities for closeness. The in-joke is that through technology we seem more distant and aloof than we were before we could be in touch with anyone in the world through typing a few keys. But there is an element of hope that run through the music. Lyrics like “I was training for a battle to the death, You Forced me into the sun” and “You’re carving soft what you don’t need, can I give you a hand?” show that Kauf isn’t just a dab hand at the production desk, but with his pen too.



Pacify is taken from Kauf’s debut album, Regrown, that is set for release in early 2017. So far four singles have been taken from it, A Ruin, Through the Yard, Key to Life and Pacify. The album is about when close relationships fracture and their aftermath. This is something that we can all not only relate to, but understand. Given the strength of these releases Regrowth has the prospect of being one of the vanguard releases of 2017.















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