19/11/2016 –of Arrowe Hill-1916 (2016)

of Arrowe Hill’s latest instalment of the WWI EP is finally here!



of Arrowe Hill are half way through their World War I EP. Since 2014 they have been releasing a song to correspond with the hundredth anniversary of the First World War. So far 1914 and 1915 have been released. 1914 sounded like a field recording from the front that was encased in mud and boot leather until of Arrowe Hill found it, cleared it up and showed it to the world. 1915 was more conventional, but still echoed the ghosts of the past. Now they’ve retuned with 1916. This times it’s a full on banger that brings to be the best bits of T-Rex and The Who. As with all of Arrowe Hill songs the music isn’t the main event, that accolade goes to the lyrics. Adam Easterbrook, again, manages to say what the nation is thinking, but in a way that we didn’t realise.



We know you think you’re special.
Mummy and Daddy think you’re special.
But we don’t think you’re special.

You’re just a red-eyed soul boy
walking around in a bag of bones.



This playouts like a conversation you’d hear in any back street boozer after 10.30 on a Friday night. There is playful malice in the lyrics that only close friends, and drunk strangers, can say, and get away with. And this is the power of Arrowe Hill, they can get away with telling us harsh truths about ourselves as



1916 is out now















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