17/11/2016 – Pissed Jeans-The Bar is Low (2016)

Pissed Jeans have returned when we need them the most!



Five albums in twelve years is pretty good going. Especially when your talking about the group Pissed Jeans. Since their inception in 2004 this hardcore noise group have cut a swath through basement shows, the toilet tour venues and anywhere else they’ve played winning crowds over and playing incendiary sets. And their albums have been pretty good too. Next year sees that release of their fifth, and most immediate, album Why Love Now. It’s the sound of a band who are pissed off that the mundanity of life and aren’t afraid to let you know.



This is evident on latest single The Bar is Low. Frontman Matt Korvette says the song is about “about how every guy seems to be revealing themselves as a shithead”. As you’d expect this is as tongue in cheek as the lyrics and tone of the single. But there is an underlining feeling that they’ve had enough and are looking for the rest button to a place before selfies, wi-fi codes and vloggers.



At times it feels like this is the musical equivalent of a Douglas Coupland/Daniel Clowes novel or an episode of Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia, due to its absurdist nature. If you want proof, as well as The Bar Is Low, look at the other track names Waiting On MY Horrible Warning, Worldwide Marines Asset Financial Analyst, Have You Ever Been Furniture and Activia.




At the helm of Why Love Now was punk legend Lydia Lunch. Korvette said of working with Lunch “I knew she wasn’t a traditional producer. We wanted to mix it up a little bit. I like how she’s so cool and really intimidating. I didn’t know how it was going to work out. She was super into it, constantly threatening to bend us over the bathtub. I’m not really sure what that entails, but I know she probably wasn’t joking.”




Why Love Now will be released 24th February on Sub Pop Records
















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