16/11/2016 – Outblinker-Hallogallo (2016)

Outblinker cover Neu! for charity, and yes it is as good as you hoped!



The words charity and single can sometimes send a shudder down your spine. For every Perfect Day there is a Sid Owen and Patsy Palmer. But when the band is Glasgow’s Outblinker and the song is question is Neu!’s 1972 classic Hallgallo you don’t really have to worry.



As with all Outblinker songs the emphasis is on the bass and drums. The bass bubbles along under the surface keeping everything moving forward while feedback and synths fade in and out of the mix. The drums are rhythmic and choppy, exactly as you’d expect them to be. Even though this is a cover Outblinker stamp their individuality on it and make it their own, not an easy thing to do.



This year Outblinker released the exceptional EP, The Remains of Walter Peck. Rumour has it that they are starting to work their next project. But before that is released they are about to embark on a five week tour. The fixtures are below



Wed 16th Beziers, Nashville Pub
Thur 17th Grenoble, Le BAF
Fri 18th Livorno, Surfer Joe Tiki Bar
Sat 19th Modena, Bar Perla Verde
Sun 20th Perugia, Free Ride
Tues 22nd Frejus, Monster’s Art
Wed 23rd Montpellier, La Pleine Lune w/ Total Eclipse
Thurs 24th Pau, La Ferronerrie w/ Total Eclipse
Fri 25th Madrid, La Faena II
Sat 26th Azkoitia @Festinale Bebarruko Jardunek @Matadero Ekintzak
Sun 27th Vitoria-Gasteiz, Gora Project w/ Los Nitxos
Mon 28th Barcelona, Sala BeGood w/ ZU
Tues 29th Toloso, Bonberenea
Wed 30th Bordeaux, Novo Local


Thurs 1st Nantes, La Rumeur
Fri 2nd Tours, (venue TBC)
Sat 3rd Amiens, (venue TBC)
Sun 4th Bradford, Fuse Art Space
Thurs 8th Edinburgh, Leith Depot w/ DTHPDL
Sat 10th Glasgow, The Old Hairdresser’s


Hallgallo is released on Human Is Not Alone and all proceeds go to Marie Curie














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