15/11/2016 – Grapell-Arrow (Kauf Remix) (2016)

Grapell invited Kauf to remix Arrow. The resulting remix sounds like pop music from another dimension



OK, its Tuesday, there’s no need to get lairy and ram something balls to the wall down your throat. That can happen later in the week. Instead here is something a little different. Well not too different that you’ll be “WTF thisyearinmusic, we don’t come here for this…”, but different enough to allow you a few moments of quiet contemplation before you have to do something serious, like cook your dinner, send that awkward email you’ve been putting off all day, fill out that job application or some other serious adult thing.



Grappell have been around since 2013 and  have released a few things in Strangers Candy. This year they released an EP called Love Chamber. It was full of wonky pop songs that relied heavily on saxophone solos and laid back basslines, instead of neon synths and day-glo guitars. While Love Chamber followed the same pop rules of, well, every other pop song, it also didn’t, meaning that it stood out and got your attention. The stand out track was Arrow. There is nothing concrete as to why this stood out the most, but it did and I played it a lot. Now it has been remixed by Kauf.



Kauf has essentially sped everything up slightly and add a few more electronic layers. While this doesn’t sound that drastic, when you listen to the original and the remix back-to-back you pick up on all these subtle nuances. After a laidback opening, a funky bassline and burrows into your brain with rapid speed. Coupled to this is the haunting saxophone, with echoy vocals layered on top. It sounds like pop music from another dimension, where punk never happened and Ray Conniff is the biggest music star.



Rumour has it that Grapell are working on their debut album. Let’s hope that it’s as inventive as Love Chamber, because if it is we’ll have an album that will be perfect for commuting, entertaining and existential contemplation.















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