14/11/2016 – Flatbush Zombies-Bounce (2016)

Song Exploder dissects Flatbush Zombies on latest episode



This is a weird one as I’m not actually going to be talking about a song today, but a podcast that talks and deconstructs songs. The podcast in question is called Song Exploder and it is hosted by Hrishikesh Hirway. The idea behind Song Explorer is to talk about the creative process of each song, while breaking the song down to its individual parts. Hirway does this by interviewing the writer/composer of the song and getting them to explain it.



On the most recent episode Hirway picks the Flatbush Zombies track Bounce. After introducing who Flatbush Zombies are “a hip-hop trio from Brooklyn. They formed in 2010. Their album 3001: A Laced Odyssey came out in 2016, and debuted in the top ten on the Billboard charts. Erick the Architect is one of the three MCs in the band, and he’s also the group’s producer. In this episode, Erick breaks down how the song Bounce was made”.



Erick then starts to break down the track component at a time, starting with the Bibio remix that was the inspiration, then he discusses the break, basslines, and the vocal styles of Flatbush Zombies, and how the song doesn’t have a chorus. Once Erick has finished his break down the track is played in full.





The real power of Song Exploder is that after listening to the musicians explain the creative process, and then hearing the song in full, you get a better appreciation of the song. In the past I have listened to shows that featured songs that I never really liked, but now, due to the in-depth breakdown, I’ve gotten into them and found a new appreciation.



Song Exploder is uploaded bi-weekly















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