12/11/2016 – Vintage Losers-Always Wear Leather (2016)

Vintage Losers say “Whatever the weather, Always wear leather”. Who are we to argue with such logic?



Today we all need a collective pick me up. This week, and in all honesty, year has been a massive fun vampire. So many shining lights have gone off and everything has a very bleak feeling to it. While trying to be upbeat I stumbled across this indie punk gem. At the half way point I started to feel better and that everything might be ok.



As the band name suggests there isn’t much cutting edge stuff going on. Big guitars, fast drumming and Generation-X style slogan lyrics. What’s not to like? Sounding like a mixture of Bob Dylan and Paul Westerberg Dillon Michael, AKA Vintage Losers, powers through nigh on six minutes of chugging guitars, squealing harmonica and sardonic lyrics to deliver one of the most immediate and playable songs in recent weeks. There is a drone like quality to the guitars, it’s slowly draws you in until you realise that you are captivated by their harsh beauty.



Rumour has it there is an album in the works and let’s hope Always Wear Leather’s blueprint carries on as, let’s be honest, we all need something to look forward to…















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