11/11/2016 – Mr. Dan Feat Guilty Simpson-I’m Done (2016)

Mr. Dan teams up with Guilty Simpson for the latest instalment of the Speedy Wunderground saga…



The intro says it all. There isn’t really a lot more I can add to this apart from how amazing the song it, which is it and I will in a bit. Dan Carey, head honcho of Speedy Wunderground, is releasing another 7” single with rapper Guilty Simpson. The aim of Speedy Wunderground is easy. One band. One session. One song. Each session lasts 24 hours, or so the myth goes, and then its mastered and mixed over the next week or so. It’s a refreshing way to record and one that has, and is, making Carey the go to man of the moment. Earlier in the year Carey and Simpson crafted the incendiary Firewater. A song that squares up to you can challenges you not to turn it off. It was full of insidious beats and deceptively simple lyrics. It was nothing short of fantastic.



Now they’ve reunited and unleashed another banger on an unsuspecting world. If Firewater was a ‘typical’ Simpson Hip-Hop track, or as typical as Carey allows, then I’m Gone is its laid back clubbing cousin. The harder edges have been replaced with a softer, more rounded sound. There are also electro influences creeping in too. The opening salvo is a glitching loop that sounds like your computer is stuck in a K hole, but don’t worry, this is how it’s meant to sound. Just as Simpson is in full flow a Spaghetti Western riff appears and helps lodge the song in your head. As with all Simpson songs, his lyrics are quick and incandescent and it takes a few listens to get what he’s actually on about, always a good sign!



As with all Speedy Wunderground releases this is limited to 250, so if you want one you better get in there quick. As this is the second time the pair have collaborated we’re left thinking “Is this part of a bigger body of work?”, “Does this make up the middle of a trilogy?” and “Why do they tease us with only one song at time?”. I guess we’ll have to wait until 2017 for the answers, but until then I’m gone!



I’m Gone is released 2nd December through Speedy Wunderground.















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