10/11/2016 – Drab Majesty-Cold Souls (2016)

Drab Majesty channel this season weather with Cold Souls, a slab of chilled euphoric electro synth-pop



Drab Majesty channel the 1980’s. I don’t mean they’re all jane neon fashion, Fonda work out videos sweat bands and out of control hair, far from it, but they take the vibe of 80’s synth pop, mix it with the integrity of Killing Joke/Cocteau Twins/Modern English and thrown in some 2016 social commentary lyrics. It’s pretty close to the kind of pop perfection that everyone at thisyearinmusic looks for in a song. Basically it has great hooks, chilling vocals, massive drums and an aesthetic that oozes sensual danger.



At times it sounds like a cut from a John Hughes 1980’s film. The hero/heroine has been jilted and they’re walking through a desolate ‘American’ town at midnight. We feel their pain as they are walking slowly with their arms crossed whilst wearing a scowl. Of course, this is my opinion, as all this is really, but if I can see it in my mind it happened right?















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