08/11/2016 – Luxury Death-Painkiller (2016)

Luxury Death emerge from the ashes of Nai Harvest to deliver a thunderbolt of catchy riffs, psych-otic keys and a chorus of earworm proportions!



When a band you like, Nai Harvest, end you’re left wondering firstly what releases there are took forward to now? After you’ve realised that yes, there are new releases to count down to, you ponder if new bands will come from it. Luckily in this case yes, yes there will be. Luxury Death is just this band.



Luxury Death is made up of Ben Thompson on guitar and vocals and Meg Williams on keyboards and vocals. What makes Luxury Death an exciting proposition is they made music full of DIY glee and wild abandon. This is music full of inventive hooks and catchy choruses. Basically classic earworm material.



Their third single, Painkiller, lives up to their first two singles, Radiator Face and I Feel Your Pain, but it feels more immediate, but you know chocked full of bittersweet DIY pain that only fledging bands are able to capture.



Painkiller is released on Art is Hard as part of their ongoing Pin Pals singles club and was produced by Luke Rowland, who is part of the live set up, and mastered by Dan E Brown. This combo really helps shape the song in to another classic Art is Hard single.



Next year Luxury Death will release their debut EP due early next year













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