07/11/2016 – MÄDA-Lights Off (2016)

MADA releases another slice of R&B pop



Since last year MÄDA has been releasing quality single after quality single. Her ability to mix a delicate blend of forward thinking music and confessional lyrics makes her at the top of pile of R&B’s future stars. She’s now returned with the instant classic single Lights Off. As its name suggests it’s about getting steamy in the bedroom with that special someone. MÄDA explained the creative process thus “Last November, I was introduced to songwriter Jazmyn Boodram by my producer, Thaddeus Dixon. It was mid-November and chilly outside, and Jazmyn and I were in the ‘cuffin’ season’ mood. We were sitting on the couch Indian style with the lights off, candles lit and the red wine was flowing … before we knew it ‘Lights Off’ was written.” This short genesis period hasn’t affected the music at all, in fact there is an immediacy that permeate its every fibre.



MÄDA is currently working on her debut album with Dixon. If this is anything to go by, MÄDA’s future long player looks set to be one of the albums of 2017, regardless of whether it’s cuffin’ season or not…



The singer-songwriter is currently working on her debut project, scheduled for release in early 2017.















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