06/11/2016 – Natalie Bouloudis-Burning Pier (2016)

Natalie Bouloudis channels crap job syndrome into something positive



We’ve all been there. Having a job we don’t like just to pay the bills. You feel that you are stuck in a vicious, downward spiral or work, self-loathing and late night pub hopping. Hell, this is part of the reason thisyearinmusic was started. Someone who knows this all too well is Natalie Bouloudis. To stem off boredom Bouloudis wrote a story that formed the genesis of her debut single Burning Pier. Loosely based on Brighton, Hastings and Eastbourne’s burnt out piers, it reminds that disasters can make us question the future while evoking an idea of the past that never existed.



Burning Pier was remarkable recorded in one take, minus slight overdubs, and it captures the vibe of not only a band, but a person trying to find their feet in a world they didn’t ask for, but are trying wildly to understand. Bouloudis recently explained her song process “My songs tiptoe on the edge of fiction and reality. I like rich melodies, moody skies, dark romanticism, charged atmospheres that tell hard-boiled tales”



Sounding like Beth Orton and Lou Rhodes, Burning Pier manages to evoke classic British song writing sensibilities. While the music winds and intertwines around Bouloudis’ luscious, and soaring vocals. Despite this being her debut single, there is plenty to engage with and to get excited about.















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