05/11/2016 – Chris James-Stairs Up to the Sun (2016)

Chris James throws off his musical past on new single and EP



Chris James’ new single Stairs Up to the Sun is a far cry from his previous incarnation, the electro-rock group Stateless. James has gone back to basics and released a bittersweet acoustic ballad. “This song represents a special time for me.” James says “It happened really fast, it just kind of wrote itself! I remember having the idea on the beach, watching the sunlight reflecting off the ocean. The title is a reference to William Blake’s poem Ah! Sun-flower.”



The EP, Space in the Clouds, was written after overcoming a difficult and dark period of this life and features the crème-de-la-crème of the London music scene, basically an enviable line up of, DM Stith, Lorna Rose, Nick Ramm, Arista Hawkes, Ben Trigg, Suneil Pusari, Barny Barnicott and Jim Abbiss.



This is an EP that grows makes your appreciation grow with every listen. While, musically speaking, a Space in the Cloud is totally removed from James’ past, however it does contain his high level of composition production.



Space in the Clouds is out 9th December through AWAL















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