02/11/2016 – Frida Sundemo –We Are Dreamers (2016)

Frida Sundemo capitalises from last year’s Heroes and tees-up 2017 with new single



When I first started listening to Frida Sundemo’s new single We Are Dreamers I thought “Here we go. Another slice of Scando-Pop”, but after about thirty seconds these thoughts were replaced by “Wow! This is pretty good…!” At the end of the song my thoughts were “Yes! That was quality. Where is the repeat button…” and that, dear reader, is what my last hour has consisted of. Frida Sundemo’s We Are Dreamers on loop. For an hour.



We Are Dreamers is a follow up to last year’s Heroes, if you saw the film Kill Your Friends you should recognise Sundemo and the song as the film featured both. As with the former it’s a bombastic pop monster, but there is a progression in the song-writing and everything sounds tighter, more euphoric and immediate.



Next year Sundemo will release her debut long player and believe me this is something to get excited about. Pop used to be a dirty word, but thanks to Sundemo and her peers its becoming something far more positive and life affirming thanks to these dreamers!














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