01/11/2016 – BOYS-Off to New York City (2016)

West London’s BOYS keep the spirit of the summer alive on new EP



To quote the Stark clan winter is coming. Well, actually, it feels like winter is upon us. While we all knew it was coming, I do feel a bit like the grasshopper i.e. unprepared. I want it to be autumn again, so I can bask in the last rays of summer, while having plenty of time to get ready for the upcoming icy winds by finding warm jumpers and thick coats.



However help in reminding myself of these carefree days is at hand, thanks to West London’s BOYS. This summery dream pop quartet has finally released their debut EP, American Dream, and lives up to our lofty hopes!



American Dream consists of Off to New York City, Nice Guys and Ocean. Each of these three tracks contain undiluted sunshine, woozy-surf pop melodies and delicious harmonies. Out of the three Ocean has a starker sound than Off to New York City and Nice Guys, which showcases BOYS ability to not just write lo-fi bedroom pop.



The only real downside is when American Dream finishes you realise you haven’t been transported to LA in the mid 1960’s and are in fact still in England and its cold. Oh well, it’ll soon be spring right?
















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