31/10/2016 – Rotten Foxes-Mullet (2016)

Rotten Foxes sound like Turbonegro covering the Misfits on a night out fuelled by Buckfast shandies!


Punk will never die. Neil Young said that. Well actually he said that rock ‘n’ roll will never die, but as punk is rock’s younger, cooler brother, it’s technically true. But all joking aside punk will never die, especially when there are bands like Brighton’s Rotten Foxes.



Their brand of visceral infused incendiary rock is a total breath of fresh air. The majority of their songs are about going out, drinking, a slightly unhealthy obsession with Danny Dyer and basically having a laugh. In all fairness what isn’t to like about this quartet?



So far there is only a four track demo, available on their Bandcamp, but this is enough to get me through the last hour of a painful Monday. They’re got a slew of shows coming up between now and the end of the year and if you can make them, you should as this is a band you need to see live!


Rotten Foxes fixtures:


Nov 12 The Globe, Brighton

Nov 19 T Chances, London

Dec 17 Prince Albert, Brighton

Dec 18 The Hope and Ruin, Brighton

Dec 31 Unicorn Camden, London















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