27/10/2016 – DTCV-Le Vampire (2016)

DTCV mix the Cramps and Eileen on new single Le Vampire



When listening to new music, apart from a wanting a cracking song, you need the cool factor. On DTCV’s, pronounced Detective, new single Le Vampire cool oozes all over your speakers. In fact there is so much cool ooze you feel like invoicing this Joshua Tree band for cleaning costs!



DTCV are ex-Guided By Voices guitarist James Greer and French musician Lola G. They met at a party in Hollywood and decided to form a band. That night DTCV were born. Basket of Masks was their first EP, quickly followed by the album However Strange. After extensive touring DTCV recorded and released the fantastic Uptime! This year DTCV have released Confusion Moderne. This is another slice of post-punk with French pop yé-yé leanings. The guitars jangle, the bass pluses and palpitate and the drums help ground everything with a an effortless cool



Le Vampire was originally recorded by 60’s French artist Stella. There isn’t much difference between Stella’s original expect DTCV had an extra level of filth to the proceedings. The drums are tight, the bass is dirty, the guitars are fuzzed out and searing, while Lola G’s vocals are delicate, but with a touch of eerie mystery.



Not only have they released this Halloween banger, but they’re just about to embark on a UK tour. Here are the fixtures:

Sat 29 Oct – Liverpool – Evil Eye
Sun 30 Oct – Glasgow – Flying DuckMon 31 Oct – Durham – The Empty Shop
Tue 1 Nov – Sheffield – The Harley
Wed 2 Nov – Brighton – Green Door Store
Thu 3 Nov – London – Shacklewell Arms
Fri 4 Nov – Cardiff – The Full Moon















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