25/10/2016 – Many Voices Speak-Away for All Time (2016)

Many Voices Speak’s vocals usher us to a lurid dreamscape that is made of delicate hooks and melodies



Matilda Mård AKA Many Voices Speak s about to release her debut EP Away For All Time this Friday. While it may only contain three songs, each one is a beautifully crafted slice of pop perfection. Title track, and new single, Away For All Time features a stuttering beat, woozy synths that remind us of The Car’s classic Drive, poignant keyboards, throbbing bass and possibly one of the vocal performances of the year, that brings to mind John Lennon.



The music is low tempo, but this is down to the record sessions. Two years ago Mård left the bustle of Stockholm for Borlänge. Due to the lack of distractions, and slower pace of life that is reflected in the music, Mård flourished and thanks to the local karaoke bars found her voice. “It became a free zone, far away from my own self-doubts and prestige about music.” When asked what the EP is about, Mård replied “I’ve been told so many times I shouldn’t brood, like that’s something bad. I can’t see any harm in thinking, look back, remember things and hopefully learn some from that.”



Yes the tempo might be slow, and the tone of the songs similar, but there is something bewitching about Mård’s vocal delivery and ear for melody. Will Away For All Time be topping end of year polls come December? Sadly probably not, but that doesn’t take anything away from this storng body of work. In 2017 many voices will speak about Matilda Mård. Let’s hope you are one of them!
















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