23/10/2016 – Koyl-Yubitsume (2016)

Koyl’s 5in5 on Silber Records shows what can be done with limited time, but maximum creativity



Silber Records have just released a trio of EP’s by Premature Burial, Cloaca and Koyl. Each EP is five minutes long and showcases the bands individual talents and tastes. The 5in5 series offers musicians a chance to experiment, but due to tight time restrictions they can’t go off on bizarre tangents. With giving the musicians a short time frame, every second counts. Like The Residents’ Commerical Album, Koyl doesn’t have time to waste before getting to the crux of the piece. Over five minutes Indian influences are merge with drone and walls of guitar soundscapes.



Although Fingerprints is a collection of five, one minute ones it’s actually a five minute suite divided into five parts. Each part seamlessly flows into the next, and when you play it on a loop, it becomes just that. A never ending loop of minimal noises, sounds, textures, melodies and sound. In all fairness, what could be better than that, what could be better than that, wh what could be better than that, at could be better than that, what could be better than that… ∞















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  1. The one minute loop was pleasant. This could be background music to me writing my blog, as I don’t like anything that disturbs my concentration.

  2. The one minute loop sounds great! I’m not sure I fully understand it and would like to learn more about what is new in music!

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