22/10/2016 – Tiny Dinosaurs-Shake (2016)

After going through personal trauma Tiny Dinosaurs releases an EP chocked full of hope and optimism



Some people make music because they want to, others because they are being told to, anyone with a connection to a major label will get what I mean, and others because they have to. Tiny Dinosaurs, AKA Julie Jay, make music because they have to. After awakening from a coma Jay was left without a voice. During this period she was successfully rehabilitated, and, thanks to encouragement from friends, was determined to start creating again. Tiny Dinosaurs was born out this period.



Awake is the first release, and showcases not only her gift at composition and arrangement, but her delicate vocals too. The EP’s stand out tracks are Shut out the Light and Shake. Shut out the Light is a low tempo number that is full of burning intensity and emotional out pouring. Its incredibly auto-biographical, but at the same time there is an element of hope and serenity that seeps from its pours. It also features Peter Silberman from The Antlers. Shake on the other hand is full of soaring melodies, pounding rhythms and a chorus tat screams “PLAY ME LOUD!” This juxtaposition shows that Jay is just as capable to release bangers as she is on subtle introspection.



The Awake EP is out now, and is the first instalment of a two part series. The second EP, Asleep, will be released in early 2017















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