21/10/2016 – Hieroglyphic Being- This Is 4 The Rave Bangers (2016)

Hieroglyphic Being returns. All praise our rave saviour!



At times Hieroglyphic Being, AKA Jamal Moss, feels like a time travelling terminator. But instead of hunting down the mother our future robot slaying saviour, he’s brought back some unused ravey breakbeats, basslines and synth stabs and created a track that is reminding all of us older enough to remember how good we had it growing up. But like his recent releases Moss has added his own flair. Imagine Phuture being produced by Sun Ra and you’re on the right lines, or as the man said himself “Reinterpretations or a Revisionist’s retrospective of the early 90’s electronic music based in Chicago during the rise of Rave Culture from a sonic anthropological narrative”.
The A-Side is This Is 4 The Rave Bangers and it does everything you expect from the title. Maelstroms of noise swoop and lope around us, while and un-relenting beat hammers everything home. The star of the show however is the stuttering synth loop that not only holds everything together but keeps the track hurtling forward at breakneck speeds. At times it feels like watching the waves hammering a pier during a storm. The tide is getting hide and wave after wave of choppy surf are breaking on the shore. Its unrelenting, terrifying, but at the same time liberating as you know what happens is out of your control, so you can either worry about, which never does any good against a force of nature, or you can just enjoy it for what it is. A moment of controlled violence in a usually serene scene.



What This Isn’t Your Typical 90’s Era Techno / IDM Revisionist View proves again, even though it didn’t need it, is that Moss is at the top of his game, and is able to make music that borrows from the past/hints at a genres origins, but also manages to make it sound 100% contemporary and bang up to date. This is a rare quality in a world full of pastiche and scene robbing. While this 12” isn’t just for the rave bangers it certainly makes me remember those rave days fondly. Now where did I put my copy of Fantazia The First Taste…

This Isn’t Your Typical 90’s Era Techno / IDM Revisionist View is released through Technicolour on 11th November















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