20/10/2016 – DEATH TEAM-Messed Up (2016)

Death Team bring it on new single about having a good time the night before the morning after



Pop, like a shark, never stops moving. Actually, saying pop is like a shark doesn’t really work. Sharks are massive, scary as beasts of the sea that would eat you whole as soon as look at you. Pop music on the hand is fun, inquisitive, playful and, well, enjoyable. That doesn’t sound like a shark does it? That sounds more like a dolphin. Now before you go “thisyearinmusic! What are you banging on about aquatic animals for?” The connection, contentious as it, is accurate. Swedish pop duo DEATH TEAM love dolphins. So much so they started their own Dolphin Awareness Day, when they released their single Dolphin Style about the creature’s plight in captivity.  See there is a connection!



On their new single Messed Up, DEATH TEAM have written a cautionary tale for those who enjoy getting messed up on the weekend. Through Trap-Pop beats and basslines DEATH TEAM list things that can get you merry on a weekend, but the chorus has an air of “If this a good idea though?”. It isn’t preachy, nor is it judgemental, it’s just implying that while it’s fun to party, it might not be something you want to do all the time.















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