18/10/2016 – Slugabed-Aww Man (2016)

Slugabed gives us everything we needed and didn’t realise were missing on new track Aww Man



Gregory Fedwick, AKA Slugabed, has been uncharacteristically quiet. Usually he releases tracks at an alarming rate. This means that he’s either really busy playing out or running the insanely brilliant Activia Benz, or he is working on his follow up to 2012’s Time Team.



But the fog has lifted, the veil has been dropped and a new track has emerged into the ether that is the interview, more importantly his soundcloud page. Aww Man, on one hand, is a diversion from his usual skewed electric pop as it sounds and feels like a late night Hip-Hop track, but on the other hand is it everything we’ve come to expect from Fedwick. The beats are slow and loping, the basslines are low rumbling and it is peppered with tongue in cheek vocal samples and motifs. The main vocal sample is all raspy, like the rapper in question is full of drank.



Aww Man shows that Fedwick is either working on something and will slowly be drip feeding us things until it is unveiled, or he’s realised he’s been very quiet, more than a western front, and is going to start making up by purging his hard drive of his odds and sods. Either way Aww Man is everything we needed and didn’t realise were missing.















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