17/10/2016 – TRAAMS-Slipping (2016)

TRAAMS managed to stop to enjoyment from slipping on their new single



Fat Cat Records know a great band when they hear one. This is why they’re put out the latest single from Chichester’s TRAMMS. This trio have released two, nigh on flawless, albums since 2013. New single Slipping and its flipside Penguin were recorded in Brighton in July and August and had their origins on their March tour.



Slipping is five and a half minutes of wreathing bass riffs, ad-hoc solos, pontificating grooves, jaunty guitars. Imagine Black Rebel Motorcycle Club covering !!! (Chk Chk Chk) while James Murphy produces and you’re on the right tracks. The lyrics, at first of all don’t appear to mean much, but after repeat listens mean the world. The inclusion of the Pink Flag lyric is great. As soon as it is uttered all you can think about is Wire. Once that connection has been made, everything falls into place and you realise that TRAAMS are taking Wires’ post-punk blueprint, but instead of playing an entire album in one and a half minutes they’ve slowed it down and extended best bits to droney perfection!



The flipside to Slipping is Penguin. It is the polar opposite of Slipping. Instead of taking its time and layering droned out post-pop its rushes along at breakneck speed, pummelling you all the way. This is what all great singles should be like, and why this is a Double A-Side rather than A/B-Side.



Rumour has it there is another album in the offing. If this is true GET IT SORTED SOON as we need more and more of this kind of stuff!















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  1. You sure know a lot about music Nick! Thanks for sharing all the latest.

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