15/10/2016 – Husky Loops-Fighting Myself (2016)

Husky Loops are an exciting breath of fresh air and they have it. But what it is we’ll have to see!



After initially listening to Husky Loops your mind is going a million miles a minute. You don’t know whether it’s a one man project that samples and manipulates sound, or if they are a band creating the music they love, an art project making non-music or something else entirely. In truth they are a trio from, who are based in London but originally from Bologna, comprising of Danio, vocals and guitar, Pietro, drums and samples, and finally Tommaso on bass.



Fighting Myself opens with skittering samples, before a playful bass riff kicks in. The guitars are spiky, fun and full of a youthful abandon that if nigh on impossible to capture. Danio’s vocals, and lyric are sardonic, biting and has a Dario Fo sheen to it. There is a post punk meets dance vibe to everything, like Coldcut producing Radio 4 or The Rapture.



The meaning of the song is a bit deeper however, than just something to dance to at the indie-disco. Danio explained recently “‘Fighting Myself’ is about struggle and everyday hindrance that leads to an outburst of anxiety and energy sonically represented by the final part of the song.”



As this is only their second single, there is plenty more in store from Husky Loops, let’s just hope the next single, and the eventful album, isn’t that far in the offing!
















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