14/10/2016 – Leeches-Inside Voices (2016)

Leeches surges from your speakers like right foot shot from Toko Ekambi in the six yard box!



God things are a bit dour and depressing at the moment aren’t they? Every time you check the news there either is another gun attack in America, some idiot is dressed as a clown scaring children and the elderly, a politician is getting done for taking a bribe or a childhood hero turns out to be a kiddie fiddler. Dorset based Leeches have had enough of this too and have decided to write a song to pick our spirits up a bit.



Opening with a steady 4/4 beat and a sparse bass, reminiscent of Franz Ferdinand’s Darts of Pleasure instrumental breakdown, before a luscious guitar riff envelopes us. After a few moments soaring vocals wake us from this lurid reverie, before a shouty chorus brings us back to earth with a thump and a massive grin. This pattern continues for a bit then the middle eight slaps us about a bit before the chorus is reprised at the end. Wow! At just over three minutes this is getting in to pop-perfection territory and isn’t bad for a first release. Oh didn’t I mention that Leeches are so brand new still catch that new car smell on them?



Inside Voices is fast, dynamic, euphoric and incredible catchy. This is everything that we need at this, a time of doom gloom and scaremongering. More of the same please lads!















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  1. bushra said:

    interesting post it is …it’s was fun reading 🙂 ..keep up the good work

  2. Now, this is one I REALLY like!!!
    (Of course, I was never one to understand the concept of inside voices…. At least, that’s what my elementary school teachers said…)

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