13/10/2016 – Gang-Dead (2016)

Gang sounds like Spectres covering Butthole Surfers while King Buzzo produces!



Sometimes you don’t need to listen to a band to know what they sound like. Gang is one of these bands, but after looking at their artwork and photos you have to click that link. Band are made up of Joseph Hunt, Eric and Jimi Tormey and are based in Freak City UK, AKA Brighton, and are looking to claim the crown after the current kings, Wytches, left for Da Kapital. Given the strength of 2015‘s release Animalia, and recent single Dead, it looks like the thrown could be theirs.



Dead is four and a half minutes of unrelenting wonky bass, drill like guitars and guteral vocals. Imagine Spectres covering Butthole Surfers while King Buzzo produces and you’re on the right tracks. The lyrics are full of existential cries for help and witty bathos, culminating in the line of the song “I don’t want to feel better, I want to better feel”. Eric Tormey describes Dead as “Anything we do or think is inconsequential, and there is only one outcome. One day our earth will be gone, any trace of anything anyone has ever known will be gone. There will be no rights or wrongs, no alternate paths. All the glorious and tragic events of humanity will compress into one finite moment.” Then he explained “At first this prospect terrified me. I lay quivering on the floor until the following morning, holding my mother’s hand while my father proclaimed that I ‘had probably had some bad speed’. As the days, weeks and months passed I developed a sense of clarity. I realised that to focus on what’s important in one’s life is all there is to do. Don’t be governed by petty desires that are thrust upon you. You don’t need wealth, or love, or sex, or fame, or recognition. Look inside yourself and see what it is you desire. Anything else is fool’s play.” Yup that was exactly what I thought too!



But despite this seemingly nihilistic attitude the song is pretty upbeat. The main riff is full of spiky and jaunty verve and, despite the bone shanking bass, everything has been covered in a pop sheen, which makes repeat listens a delight, rather than the downer that you might initially expect. If this is feeling bad, then I never want to feel better!



Dead/Enough Nothing is released 25th November through Ra-Ra-Rok Records















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