12/10/2016 – Arborist-Dark Stream (2016)

Arborist’s new single, Dark Stream, sounds like Josh T. Pearson covering Arcade Fire



When listening to the Arborist’s new single Dar Stream you are immediately taken to a place full of dusty vistas, babbling brooks, endless horizons, sleeping out in the desert and a general smell of horses. It conjures up everything that America was meant to be, land of the free, home of opportunity, basically Marlboro adverts from the 80’s and 90’s. But there is a twist. Arborist, AKA Mark McCambridge, isn’t American, though everything about his music would lead you to believe this, he is in fact from Northern Ireland.



There is a funeral vibe that pervades Dark Stream, mournful horns, shuffling drums, soaring vocals laced with melancholy, but underneath it all is a euphoric pop sensibility that stops you form buying a bottle of Wild Turkey and walking into the wilderness with shotgun. Dark Stream sounds like Josh T. Pearson covering the Arcade Fire, and who doesn’t, deep down, want that?



Since releasing his debut single, Twisted Arrow, last year McCambridge as been on a roller coaster ride of tours, song writing and recording sessions. Now he has recorded his debut album Home Burial. Given the title it’s easy to guess what it’s about. But as long as the songs are a fully formed and tackle the issues of man’s encounters with the truth of humanity and the vulnerability that comes from it, we should be in for a treat!



Home Burial which is released 11th November through Kirkinrola Records
















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  1. I was attracted by the title, “Arborists,” because I’ve been writing so much lately about trees. The music was calming and a little sad and, all in all, very enjoyable. Thank you for telling me about this singer and sharing this marvelous song.

    • I totally know what you mean, but I think its a good sad though. Like when you remember good times that have passed.

  2. Nick – I picture this music as a soundtrack for an Indie film. What a nice blend of sounds. I can listen to this while working without being too distracted. I find it enjoyable. You always seem to find gets sounds to share! Thank you!

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