11/10/2016 – Maddock-Underground Babe (2016)

Maddock unveil their twisted and skewed take on indie-disco-pop



Maddock are a trio from Erie PA, consisting of Andrew Henderson on guitar, synth and vocals, Seth Wampole on drums and Evan Czulewciz on bass and synth. Together they make a skewed and sleazy disco-punk-pop. There is an element of danger about their latest single Underground Babe. This isn’t the creepy danger as a teenager dressed up as a clown hanging around supermarket carparks after dark, but the kind of danger that comes from people taking what they do seriously and not caring what you think about it.



Out of the traps Underground sounds like LCD Soundsystem covering Tom Waits with Connan Mockasin along for the ride. The main riff sounds like a creaky door opening slowly, the stark guitars during the chorus add urgency that most bands would choose to ignore, and the ad-hoc solo is pure Waits, but instead of the growly vocals, we are given a bawdy lilty delivery. Overall this hit the mark, and hits it high!



With their collective influences raging from LCD Soundsystem, The Rapture, Iceage, Interpol, New Order and Franz Ferdinand, you’d expect a knot of mimicry and pastiche, but instead you have a song that pops when it should pop and fuzzes when it should fuzz, and what’s more it’s a bundle of fun too. Give that they’ve only been releasing music since last May, and those were ESG-esque jam tracks, this shows real growth and progression, not only as musicians, but as arrangers and song writers.



While this isn’t the most polished or lustrous release of the year there is an awful lot to get excited about. Maddock’s debut album is out on Halloween, let’s hope it delivers the treats, rather than tricks…















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