10/10/2016 – American Wrestlers-Hello, Dear (2016)

The riffs feel as effortless as the pathos fuelled lyrics on American Wrestlers new single



American Wrestlers emerged from after Gary McClure’s previous, the underrated, Working For a Nuclear Free City broke up. After posting demos online American student Bridgette Imperial found them. After meeting up they started to date and McClure moved to St. Louis so they could be wed. This move to American has given McClure the chance to write the music that sounds like his first love. McClure recently explained it this “I’m always surprised by how each record brings me closer to writing simpler, heavier, catchier songs like those bands who gave me my musical epiphany: Nirvana, the Smashing Pumpkins, Hole and that first Foo Fighters record. I first learned how to write by copying them and got lost for a decade in intricacy and experimentation. Now, it feels like I’m heading back.”



New single Hello, Dear follows on from last year’s self-titled album with more anecdotes and musings on modern life, backed by lo-fi melodic rock. The guitar riffs feel as effortless as his pathos fuelled lyrics, the best being “I’d crawl through glass for a sign of life but lately I cannot sleep at night with my back to my telephone”. All the while the drums keep everything hurtling toward the abyss that is the end.  When asked what Hello, Dear was about McClure replied “The song is from the point of view of a person who is taking on the image of being an artist when they’ve never produced anything that could be deemed a work of Art on their whole life. It’s about feeling your time running out. In a panic you grab some cool pants and a canvas and spread on some abstract crap and ask the void “What about this? Will this do it?” It’s harsh and I’m a hypocrite. Who knows, historically maybe some of the best Art has been made that way.



The new album is called Goodbye Terrible Youth and is chocked full of these ideas, but keeping with McClure’s love of melody and visceral vocals. This is an album that has the power to choke hold you, but also give you something to think about while you recuperate from it devastating finishing move.



Goodbye Terrible Youth is released 4th November through Fat Possum Records















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