09/10/2016 – Emmy the Great-Go Far (From Mystery Show)

Emmy the Great’s theme for Mystery Show has been released, just days after Starlee Kine’s show was cancelled. The game is afoot…



Right, this is written with a heavy heart. Mystery Show is no more. For some of you these are just words. Words that don’t have much meaning, other than some show called Mystery Show has been cancelled. In all honesty this is exactly what these words mean. But, like a lot of things, the deeper you dig the more meaning you get, and this, in a weird way is what Mystery Show is about.



Over six episodes, presenter Starlee Kine, solves mysteries, sometimes in a convoluted way. The mysteries aren’t big things like DB Cooper, or Amelia Earhart, as Kine mentions. These are mysteries that only effect a few people, but the fact they don’t have an answer drives them mad. Episode 1 is a prime example of this. Kine friend Laura became a member of a video store, rents a video, but when she tries to return the video the next day, the store is closed. Kine then sets out to solve this mystery. Spoiler alert. She does. Other mysteries that get solved are where a custom belt buckle came from, how tall is Jake Gyllenhaal and why an author’s book doesn’t sell, to name a few. Each episode is full of comedy, suspense, warm hearted charm and above all a joy of puzzles.



The closing theme was written and performed by Emmy the Great! Emmy is an artist that I have a lot of time for. Her music is unfortunately full of heart break and pathos, unfortunate for Emmy not for us, and is a reminder that in this overproduced world, there are still musicians out there who just want to write and sing songs about their life and experiences. Go Far is no different.



Musically the song is based around a guitar loop, that Emmy layers to the point of pop perfection. There is a clockwork, nursery rhyme quality to it. “Finally see what you always been sure, Hope that you find what you’re looking for. I hope that you find what you’re looking for” and the chorus of “Open your eyes. Open your eyes. You’ll go far. You’ll go far” help to get over the crux of the programme, while matching Kine’s ability at storytelling and delivery. Go Far end’s with a reprise of “You’ll go far”.



So the mystery of today’s song has been solved, but I think we might have to wait a bit longer to find why the #1 podcast of 2015 was cancelled.















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