07/10/2016 – Mt. Wolf-Golden (2016)

Mt. Wolf’s new video is as tender and lurid as the track that backs it



London’s Mt. Wolf have had quite a ride since they emerged on the scene in 2012. Now they unveil their new video for their latest single Golden. Golden features Australian singer St. South. The juxtaposition of dreamy vocals and Mt. Wolf’s brand of folktronic pop is a great move, as Golden manages to soar in places where their previous songs haven’t.



Frontman Sebastian Fox explains the collaboration thus “We discovered her through Spotify, and asked straight out if she wanted to work on some music together.  We sent her Stevie’s guitar part and she laid her vocals on that, explaining that it was about struggling with anxiety. I then started producing the track and added vocals making the song a dialogue between one person expressing their anxiety, and the other apologising for their part in causing it, and their inability to diminish it.”

The video feels like a mixture of Spike Jones and Michel Gondry. Dream like images flash before our eyes as we watch a couple flee the confines of city living. While this is all playing out Mt. Wolf’s lurid dream pop flows effortlessly underneath.



Rumour has it that Mt. Wolf are finishing up their debut album which should be released early 2017. Given the strength of their early singles and EP’s this looks like it break the band into the realm of mainstages at festivals.















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  1. Nita said:

    Thanks for introducing me to a new (to me) sound and name in music. I’m following now to learn more. Thanks.

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