05/10/2016 – Our Girl-Being Around (2016)

OK people, it’s time to get excited. “About who?” I can hear you saying. This is a two pronged answer, but actually it’s kind of like one. Firstly Our Girl.  This Brighton trio released their debut single last year to critical acclaim. It was two tracks of brooding music and thought provoking lyrics, basically a massive slab of anthemia with a slight touch of insecurity.



Now they have announced the details of their next release the Normally EP, due for release in November. Consisting of Being Around, No Big Deal, Whatever and Two Life, Shope Nathan, Josh Tyler and Lauren Wilson have crafted more of the same, but everything feels like a step up. Take lead track Being Around. Nathan has recently descried Normally as “Lots of the songs are about emotional distance, not knowing what someone else is thinking, and how that can make you feel crazy. It can cloud my judgment to the point that shrugging it off as indifference is the easiest thing to do. Although it still reflects those feelings of self-doubt” However about Being Around she said “Being Around is probably the most hopeful song on the EP. It focuses on the positivity in the relationships I have, and the gratitude and care I have towards those people for being who they are, and being there for me in the way they are.”This definitely comes across in the music, but what Nathan does say is how Being Around is chocked full of catchy melodies and hooks, especially the post chorus crunching riffs.



The second thing to get excited about, but you thought we’d forgot eh?, is the label that is putting this opus out. Cannibal Hymns. Not content to sit on their laurels, Dream Wife and Morning Smoke are bringing audiences to their knees, Abattoir Blues’ recent single was a total beast, and now they are on the cusp of releasing their catchiest music to date! This is a label to get not just excited about, but dare I say, to believe in! Their aesthetic for dense, dark music with incendiary hooks is starting to look more and more like the real deal!



Normally is released 18th November through Cannibal Hymns

















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  1. I’ve never heard of them. Thanks for sharing.

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