03/10/2016 – Friend-The Evening Crowns the Day (2016)

Friend invite us to their melancholy and beautiful nocturnal world



I’m guessing you’ve not heard today’s song before. In all honesty until a few days ago nor had I but, and I hope you’ll be joining me on this, I’m really glad I did! This Swiss trio, consisting of Dominik Huber, Ephrem Lüchinger and Vincent Glanzmann make a kind of laidback, skewed pop that conjures up late night conversations, pitch black journeys on public transport when the only illumination comes from the headlamps and stereo display screen.



Frontman Huber explains it thus “We all have our paralysing moments when we reach a point in our lives, feeling like we haven’t achieved anything and nothing we own is what we wanted. It’s not easy to escape from that lonely trip, trapped in a strange dream where nobody wakes you up. But every time we look back, life wasn’t half as bad as we thought it was, was it?” This is something that we can all relate too. Hindsight it a great virtue, but if we had it as a special power, would we actually do anything?



Huber’s music shows us a mirror of how we can live, if we choose to, a lurid world full of empathy and unabashed joy, but without all the things that bog humans down in a fug of ego-games, petty malice and narcissism. This is the friend we’ve been waiting for all this time!












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