02/10/2016 – Merlin Tonto-Beat The Sun (Uj Pa Gaz Remix)

I find this hard to not only write but believe, but Uj Pa Gaz makes Merlin Tonto even better!



When you find out that one of your favourite songs is being remixed it usually triggers pangs of “Why are they doing this? The song is great the way it is” or “I hope it’s good…”. This is exactly how I felt when I found out that Merlin Tonto, sci-fi indie prog trio, have just released a remix of the best track on their latest EP.



However I had nothing to worry about, like with all Tonto releases, as Albanian Uj Pa Gaz has taken what worked on the original, cascading synths blips and beeps, surging bass and inspired drumming, and, well, just extended and added some more layers of retro fun to create seven and a half minutes of next level dance prog.



After listening to it a few times, ok, seven, I then decided to play the original and it pains me to say that I think I like the remix over the original, sorry Tonto, and Uj Pa Gaz should produce the next Tonto release!

















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  1. I’m glad to hear that you like the cover. I often hear covers of my favorite songs and worry that they’ll completely ruin them. I’ve not always had a positive experience, either.

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