29/09/2016 – Is Bliss-Ocean Blue (2016)

Is Bliss collectively say, through very very woozily, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”



There isn’t anything new or clever about Hampshire’s Is Bliss. They’re just taking a winning formula and showing that it’s still great. A dollop of 60’s revivalism, a smidge of drone, season with shoegazing and garnish with indecipherable lyrics and there you are. However there is something fun happening on their debut EP Velvet Dreams.



After a chance meeting, just over a year ago, over My Bloody Valentine T-Shirt, bassist Dean Edwards and guitarist Jimmy Stuart started talking and through a shared love of Slowdirve, Spacemen 3, Verve and The Cure decided to form a band. This is fortunate as if you wanted to describe Is Bliss’ sound it would be like this: Think of Verve or My Bloody Valentine covering a Nuggets band and you’re on the right track. Massive chugging bass, tight repetitive drumming, vocals reverbing on themselves for infinity and a wall of sound to make Phil Spector blush! It’s all there but whether you like it not is something else.



On the 1st of October Is Bliss are on tour. Here are their dates:



01/10: Southsea Festival

05/10: London, Hoxton Bar and Kitchen – supporting Flyying Colours

11/11: Glasgow, Broadcast – supporting The Primitives

12/11: Blackburn, Darwen Theatre – supporting The Primitives

13/11: Sheffield, Greystones  – supporting The Primitives

14/11: Birmingham, Sunflower Lounge

16/11: Leicester, Soundhouse

19/11: Portsmouth, Al’burrito

15/11: Ipswich, White Swan



Velvet Dreams is released on 4th November through Club AC30
















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