28/09/2016 – glider-WEN (2016)

Glider are the second release on Hidden Bay Records. Double plus good!



When a cassette is titled ‘Demos’ sometimes it’s hard to know whether these are rough cuts full of duff notes and studio bants, or the lo-fi versions of completed songs to try and entice a label to splurge and pay for a session in a fancy studio. Luckily, after listening to a couple of tracks, these are raw as! Glider’s songs contained are fully formed, but at the same time from this lump of clay any producer worth their salt could see all the raw materials are they, they just need to shape, bake and paint it.



But how do the band see their own work? Glider, AKA Tom Lobban and Louie Newlands, recently said “We’re based in the southwest of the UK. These are essentially the first songs either of us has written or recorded. We’ve been sending them back and forth between each other for a couple of years (as we live in different counties) and realised we have enough now to make an album from them. The recordings are rough ‘cause we have cheap gear and limited technical knowledge, but we’re fine with that” And so are we Glider!



Demos is released 8th October through Hidden Bay Records
















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