24/09/2016 – Abattoir Blues-Sense (2016)

Cannibal Hymns unveil their latest signing, Abattoir Blues



Despite only being around for a year Brighton’s Cannibal Hymns is making a name for themselves as purveyors of forward thinking noise-pop. Anyone who has heard last year’s Morning Smoke and this year’s Dream Wife releases can attest to this. Now Cannibal Hymns are trying to continue this run with new signing Abattoir Blues’ double A-Side single Sense/Fading.



Opening with claustrophobic guitars and euphoric drumming Sense  showcases Abbatoir Blues’ understanding of collective loves, post-punk, post-hardcore and post-rock. When Harry Waugh’s vocals kick in Sense jumps up a notch and starts rise toward it’s majestic chorus. Oh what the song means to him, Waugh recently said “A fundamental theme of the song is desperately trying to find clarity or rationality and both of those things feeling completely alien”. Three quarters through all the subtle build up is rewarded with a visceral explosion of guitars and walls of feedback. The outro takes things down a notch until its glorious fade out closes the song. Fading was inspired by the ongoing migrant crisis, and shows that Abattoir Blues can tackle the big topics as well as personal ones.



Since their inception in 2015, Abattoir Blues have supported Yak, Wytches, Wolf Alice, Dilly Dally and Merchandise and played a barnstorming set at this year’s The Great Escape. Cannibal Hymns have done it again and found a band that not only fit in with its ridiculous roster, but stand alone and try and push their own boundaries. This is a label and band with a bright future, despite how broody their music may sound.



Sense/Fading is released on 4th November through Cannibal Hymns
















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