23/09/2016 – Baba Naga- Plná Krvy (2016)

The steel city has a band that lives up to its moniker. Baba Naga are that band…



Baba Naga make a primordial psych sludge, or “psychedelic pagan doom” in their own words, that hits harder than a Lukas Podolski shot from 10 yards. Given that so far in their short career they’ve released two singles, which total just under thirty minutes, expectations are quite high for this Sheffield trio.


Now they’re set to release their next single, a self-released 10” that is the second part of a trilogy of records. So far only the title track Plná Krvy has been released but, trust us, we’re not complaining! Opening with a barrage of hypnotic guitar then descending into wah-wah debauchery before a searing riff ushers in the verse. Singer, and bassist, Dan Booth has vocals reminiscent of Ben Gautrey, him from The Cooper Temple Clause fan, all gravelly, but with the ability to harmonise, sometimes with himself. This is key to Baba Naga’s appeal. Despite how loud and heavy it gets, you always have the vocals to hold onto. The middle eight is just a massively slow building wall of feedback that suddenly breaks into the original riff before a face melting solo kicks in. The rest of the song is just the hypnotic riff again and again, while ethereal harrowing harmonies sway about like banshees.



As well as gearing up for their second 10” release Baba Naga also have some impressive live dates lined up:



23/09/2016: Preston The Ferret

24/09/2016: Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia

30/09/2016: Brighton Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar

01/10/2016: Southsea Festival

30/10/2016: London The Shacklewell Arms

04/11/2016: Nottingham Rescue Rooms

05/11/2016: Sheffield Queens Social Club

08/11/2016: Leeds Headrow House



Plná Krvy/DeificYen is released on the 4th November













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