22/09/2016 – FEHM-Nullify (2016)

Look out because FEHM are coming for you!



Since their inception Art is Hard have put out some of thisyearinmusic’s favourite releases. Luckily this trend seems to be continuing in 2016. The Pin Pal singles club has yielded a fan favourite with Sad Culture and now new signings FEHM look set to continue this.



Lead track Nullify, taken from the Circadian Life EP, is a broody three and a half minutes that is fill with as much bleak sounding aggression as a Donald Trump rally. But unlike a Republican confrence there are losts of positives to take away with you. Firstly FEHM are tight. I don’t just mean they get on well, when they play you know they mean business, like a Jean Claude Van Damme in Kickboxer. They’re one first away from victory and they know they can do it. Secondly their songs run the gambit of classic post-rock, but instead of sounding like a pastiche of their peers they sound fresh and invigorating. And lastly, and this should come as no surprise, their songs are just great!



Its looks like Art is Hard and FEHM is a perfect mix that should deliver flawless releases after flawless released. But don’t take our word for it, listen for yourself until you nullify your inner critic.



Circadian Life EP is released 25th November through Art is Hard Records















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