21/09/2016 – The Lovely Eggs-Drug Braggin’ (2016)

Lancaster’s nosiest duo, The Lovely Eggs, return with new 7” single



Are you the kind of person who hates it when you overhear someone talking about, either, how trashed they were the night before, or even worse, they are at that moment in time? Same here. Firstly I don’t care that you did some Congo Bongo at a tech-house night, got Yakk-ed at a yacht rock night or trout-pouted yourself to collapse at a grime night. It’s boring and so are you. Luckily Holly Ross and David Blackwell, AKA The Lovely Eggs, feel the same and have written a fuzzed out banger about it.



As with all Lovely Eggs tracks it’s a slightly wonky, sardonic look at life. The music is more psych influenced than recent releases, but the droney repetitiveness of it helps only hammer home the tedium of listening to drug bores. However the lyrical imagery is as surreal and lurid as the records cover, created by Casey Raymond, “The outside, the inside, oh outside the inside, its’ all about you” all delivered with a vitriolic verve. But this is what we, at thisyearinmusic, love about a band that has spent 10 years, yes TEN YEARS, recording and touring without the help of a label or booking agent. Their persistence, and resistance to musical fads, makes them one of the greatest bands in a long list of underrated and under-appreciated bands.



Drug Braggin’ is release on 28th October through Egg Records















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