20/09/2016 – Octopuses-Not the bees (2016)

Octopuses channel the plight of bees in to three minutes of fried gold



If you just judge Octopuses’ latest single just on the title, it might seem like a dig on 2000’s alternative stalwarts The Bees. In a weird way this makes sense. Both bands are named after creatures from the animal kingdom, both bands hail from the south of England, The Bees the Isle of Wight and Octopuses from Brighton, and both make a kind of skewed indie-pop. However this isn’t a beef track, but a thought provoking song, and vide, about the future of bees.



Opening with pinky plonky keyboards and spoken/shouty vocals that conjures up the Human League’s Don’t You Want Me Baby. The chorus is full of power chords, strongharmonies and that keyboard motif again. Basically all verses that sound like Art Brut and choruses that are reminiscent of New Order, this is possibly the most ‘indie’ song I’ve heard in recent years. Not the Bees is the title track taken from Octopuses’ new EP No the Bees, which is released on 30th September. As expected the rest of the EP is a sharp does of delightful indie-pop, with humours lyrics that get more poignant with each listen.



As well as being championed on BBC 6Music it’s also been bigged up by Caroline Lucas, Green party MP, Chris Packham, Michaela Strachan, Rosario Dawson, Natalie Bennett, The Soil Association and Sussex Wildlife Trust, along with fifty environmental journalists and organisations.



Not the Bees is released on 30th September through Lick Music















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