18/09/2016 – Human Outlet-Chastity (2016)

Human Outlet unveil their brand of neo-folktronica pop. Bask in its glow as the sun goes down



Tired of Being Tired – Tired of Being is the new album by Human Outlet. It’s just over thirty minutes of delicate acoustic guitar finger picking, chugging power chords, harmonica melodies, haunting rattles and slightly surreal lyrics. The surrealism makes more sense that you’d originally think as each track has a vocal sample. Some of them are interviews with Salvador Dali and snippets of propaganda films from the 1950’s, Neville Chamberlain war speeches and Monty Python.



These samples generally tell us about the themes/point of each track, take Are You Gay, for example. The opening gambit is from a propaganda film about homosexuals and what to do if you encounter one. The music is rhythmic, repetitive and the heaviest track on the album. The lyric “I’m your mother, Do what I say. I’m your mother, Are you gay?” kind of sums this up perfectly.



Basically Human Outlet make skewed folktronica that is full of inventive motifs and lyrics. The use of vocal samples at the start of each track really helps gel everything together, just like Queens of the Stoneage used the fake radio stations on Songs for the Deaf. Yes this is slightly different as those skits were written for the album, whereas these samples were selected on purpose. Actually, harking back to the surrealism, they feel like Marcel Duchamp’s ready mades. Tired of Being Tired – Tired of Being is a brave and interesting album that is more rewarding with each listen, the only problem now is I’m tired of being tired of conventional albums.















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