17/09/2016 – GOAT-Union of Mind and Soul (2016)

Right, imagine the party vibe twenty minutes before the end of the Wicker Man takes place. Got it? Good, this is where GOAT’s new single should be played



GOAT look mental. Well, that’s a bit too harsh, but they definitely look like a band formed of people who appeared in Charles Freger’s Wilder Mann book, who decided to form a band. Each Wilder Mann bought an instrument from their region, along with their national dress, and they just started playing and recorded, and released, what happened.



They are now on the cusp of releasing their third album, Requiem, but before that they’ve released their new single Union of Mind and Soul. As with most GOAT releases Union of Mind and Soul is out there, composition wise, and chocked full of ad-hoc melodies and off kilter time signatures and rhythms. There is a recorder riff that borrows deep into your head, lays eggs that hatch causing the riff to get even more lodged in your head. About two thirds of the way through a fuzzy guitar kicks in, but it sounds like its being played at the wrong speed. While this could sound jarring, in GOAT’s dextrous hoofs it makes perfect sense.



The irony is that Union of Mind and Soul isn’t on Requiem. Its actually an alternative version of album opener Union of Sun and Moon. The difference between both versions is the way the vocals are delivered. Union of Mind and Soul has them sung, whereas Union of Sun and Moon has more a spoken word delivery. Either way it’s a totally banger and




Requiem is released 7th October through Rocket Recordings
















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